Annual Human Rights Violations Report is published

LGBT people report discrimination and violence in the family, workplace and other environments

15 January 2015 – PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro publishes today its Annual Human Rights Violations Report for LGBTI people. The report collects denouncements and complaints of LGBTI people delivered directly to our association, cases of hate speech and discrimination in the media and for the first time this year it includes requests of LGBTI people for assistance to leave Albania and seek asylum abroad as well as requests of foreign citizens seeking asylum in Albania.

The report has 13 cases of violations and discriminatory speech, directed to particular individuals or to the entire LGBTI community. Here are included cases of hate speech, the so-called petition of 57 intellectuals “Healthy family, healthy nation” as well as discriminatory remarks and declarations of Albanian politicians and other public personalities.

PINK Embassy takes this publication as an opportunity to call on the Albanian Government and the Ministry of Interior in particular, to make more efforts in fighting homophobic and transphobic hate crimes. Regardless of whether the Police and Prosecutors investigate the bias of a crime or not, currently there are no reports that would shed light on hate crimes and increase our knowledge on the nature of social problems in Albanian society. Also, we should not forget that hate crimes are committed not only because of a persons’ sexual orientation or gender identity but also for many other characteristics such as ethnicity, race, gender, religious beliefs etc. Knowing the phenomenon, understanding it, taking specific measures and raising public awareness are some of the steps to identify and solve the issue.

Also, PINK Embassy calls on LGBTI people to report cases of discrimination or violence they endure in their families, schools, services or other environments. They can report cases of discrimination at the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination ( cases of human rights abuses and violations, especially by public administration institutions at the People’s Advocate ( and can report any case of discrimination, hate crime or harassment to PINK Embassy via Email at or through direct contact.

Please click here to acces the full report and distribute widely. 

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