“ACT FOR CHILDREN!” asked the Parliament to strengthen the obligations of the Government institutions to protect children and young people victims of domestic violence

Tirana, June 20, 2018 - The Albanian National Child Rights Network “ACT FOR CHILDREN!” responded positively this morning to the invitation of the Parliamentary Commission on Labour, Social Affairs and Health to attend a special hearing session that is considering the changes proposed by the Government and civil society to the law "On Measures against Domestic Violence in Family Relations".

The Network "ACT FOR CHILDREN!" since its establishment has focused on advocacy for the improvement of laws that protect children and young people from violence and abuse. In this context, the Network presented its recommendations for the improvement of the draft law and in particular aspects related to the protection of children from violence at family settings. The recommendations focus on 10 key issues, which seek to strengthen the role and responsibilities of the central and local government for the protection of victims.

One of the shortcomings identified in the law is the lack of support for programs to deal and eliminate aggression, bullying and educating positive behaviours in the pre-university education system, including young people up to the age of 21 who use violence. In the opinion of the network, institutions shall make efforts to rehabilitate and reintegrate the perpetrators of violence. It was also recommended that it shall be mandatory for the teachers and educators in schools to report every case of domestic violence where a child is involved, while the Ministry shall establish an early identification, registration and reporting system of suspected or confirmed cases of domestic violence at all levels of education.

The Albanian National Child Rights Network established in 1999, aims to strengthen the respect for the rights of the child and young people. It is an initiative of the Child Rights Centre Albania (CRCA), in cooperation with the Albanian National Child Helpline (ALO 116), ECPAT Albania, Albanian Coalition for Education (ACE), Center "Children Today" and the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN). The Network provides some of the most important national platforms and services for children and youth for protection from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

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