Equality, respect and acceptance of the common values of all citizens are the basis for the development of a civilized country!

Networks and civil society organizations, signatories to this statement, were notified today by the mainstream media and online platforms, of the statements made recently by several MPs from the right wing and center-left politicians in Albania on the rights of the LGBTI community. Their statements are based on the abuse of the public information and photos shared by the LGBTI organizations, showing moments from the informative sessions for young people held in some gymnasiums in Tirana. The aim of those sessions was to inform young people on the most negative phenomena’s in society, such as bullying, violence and discrimination, how to protect and report discrimination etc.

Never before in Albania has happened to have such an open expression of hate language and calls for discrimination against a single social group that is the LGBTI community!

Albania has serious problems when it comes to the respect of human rights, but promotion of violence and exclusion, calls for violations of basic human rights have never been made openly against any communities in Albania, except the LGBTI one. The isolation of a specific social group and its placement at the center of all the hate speeches is not only dangerous, but also intolerable for a country that wants to become a member of the European Union!

The coordinated response of those politicians, besides being hate speech, punishable by the Albanian Criminal Code, once again shows how far are the politicians and political parties in Albania towards the respect of human rights and more specifically those of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The networks and civil society organizations, through this public statement, encourage the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, the LGBTI organizations, women's and children's rights organizations, minorities and beyond, to pursue and strengthen their efforts to inform teachers, adolescents, youth and their families on bullying, gender-based violence, exclusion and discrimination of the LGBTI community, women's rights, youth rights, minority rights etc.!

The Council of Ministers, the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth and the heads of educational institutions are encouraged to fulfill their legal obligations deriving from the Law no. 10 221, dated 4.2.2010, "On Protection Against Discrimination" related to the increase of information and awareness on anti-discrimination legislation and the prohibition of discrimination, especially for the persons most likely to be subject to discrimination.

Networks and Civil Society Organizations joining this statement, set up these demands as following:

  • The Albanian Parliament shall come up with a public statement condemning any display of hate speech against the LGBTI community in Albania to reaffirm that politicians respect equally and without discrimination the rights of all citizens in the country!
  • The sub-Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights and the Parliamentary Commission on Education, shall organize immediate hearing sessions to review the difficult situation of LGBTI community in Albania, and to provide support for the Ministry of Education to carrying out its duties and responsibilities under the law;
  • The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination shall initiate an administrative investigation after receiving information for violations of this law and to impose administrative sanctions according to the provisions of law no. 10 221, dated 4.2.2010, "On Protection from Discrimination";
  • We appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office to investigate the statements and writings of any politician and public official in Albania and lead the efforts to send to trial for incitement of hate speech by any person who has violated the Criminal Code.

We believe that only equality, respect and acceptance of the common values of all citizens are the basis for the development of a civilized country! In this framework, we encourage any teachers, parents, young people, citizens etc, to support schools, in order that they provide even more knowledge and information on human rights in Albania.

Signatories to this Statement are the following Networks and Organisations:


  1. National Network for LGBTI Rights in Albania;
  2. Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics;
  3. Albanian Coalition for Education;
  4. Albanian National Youth Network;
  5. Albanian Women Empowerment Network;


  1. PINK Embassy;
  2. OMSA;
  3. Gender Alliance for Development;
  4. Disability Foundation;
  5. Albanian Group for Human Rights;
  6. Albanian Helsinki Committee;
  7. La Casa nel Cuore;
  8. Partners for Children;
  9. Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania;
  10. Center for Population and Development;
  11. Center for Legal and Civic Initiatives;
  12. National Center for Community Services;
  13. Useful to Albanian Women;
  14. National Association for the Rights of People with Disability;
  15. Help the Life Association.


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