May 18th 2017 - PINK Embassy, one of the leading organizations working to protect and advance the LGBTI community rights in Albania in cooperation with Open Mind Spectrum - OMSA, a new organization established in 2013 with a focus on work with the community and advocacy, presented today in front of the media and the public the "National Network for LGBTI Rights". The introductory meeting was organized at Reja, a modern art space, dedicated to the public in the city of Tirana.

The National Network for LGBTI Rights is a non-formal structure composed by representatives of LGBTI groups and organizations of civil society, organizations that focus of their work have young people, children, women, various marginalized groups and who are in protection of LGBTI rights and LGBTI community empowerment, where regardless of the focus of their work, political beliefs, economic status, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, skills or groups in which they belong, they come together under this network to consult and undertake joint actions and initiatives in the interest of all LGBTI people throughout Albania.

This network aims to promote LGBTI rights at local and national level, to increase the engagement / representation of LGBTI youth and LGBTI community in all phases of decision-making and drafting policies to improve their livelihoods, and promote the creation of policies, laws and programs to support the LGBTI community in Albania.

Also during this launching activity was signed a letter of engagement from organizations that expressed their desire to engage in the advancement of the LGBTI cause.

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