May 17th 2017 – Today, in a special event organized at COD at the Prime Ministry, PINK Embassy, in consultation with the LGBTI community and people working for this cause in our country, for the third consecutive year announced the "30 Persons of the Year 2017".

The purpose of this national assessment is to identify and to thank individuals and institutions on the part of the LGBTI community for their contribution throughout the year for the support on the public's awareness about the cause of the community.

Among the main peoples part of this assessment for 2017 are:

Znj. OltaXhaçka, Minister of Social Welfare and Youth,

Znj. VasilikaHysi, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation, Public Administration and Human Rights,

Znj. Nora Malaj, Deputy Minister of Education,

Znj. Elona Gjebrea, Deputy Minister of Interior Ministry,

Mr. Claus Neukirch, Representative of the Council of Europe Office,

"30 Persons of the Year 2017" is an appreciation given in the framework of the 8th Festival of Diversity for LGBTI Rights in Albania. At the conclusion of the announcement of the persons of the year, PINK Embassy in cooperation with TOP Channel featured the first documentary realized in Albania on the issue of transsexuals in Albania. Special guest was the realization of this documentary Ms. Jetona Koiçibelli from Top Channel.

PINK Embassy is aware that many people, whether known or not to the public, have given and will give support for more equality, respect and integration of the LGBTI people in Albanian society. We are also aware that the greatest and most important support for any LGBTI person comes from mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, friends, colleagues, teachers, doctors.

The full list of "30 Persons of the Year 2017" is available below: 

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