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Socialist Party Program discriminates the LGBT community in Albania


9 November 2011


PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania wishes to express its concern regarding the non-inclusion of LGBT community issues on the new, 92 page election program of the Socialist Party of Albania (SP), which is a clear sign of discrimination towards this community, still dominant in Albanian politics.

The SP Program is supposed to be the governing program of the party, if it comes to power. However, the problems, concerns, requests and needs of the LGBT community continue to be silenced and unaddressed for as long as politics continues to reinforce the marginalization and differentiation of this social group from the rest of Albanian society.

By revising this program, more specifically the “regeneration of society” and “reestablishment of democracy” sections we noticed how the program addresses the improvement of vital services, education, knowledge and culture, for equal and universal health services that need to be reached by everyone, for proper care towards the family, children, the elderly etc. The SP program however, never makes mention of access to these services by the LGBT community.

Even though the SP might be ready to collaborate with the LGBT community and the organizations that represent it, the articulation of issues, needs and problems related to this social group should have for the SP the same importance and priority as other social groups because the opposite would be an indicator that the biggest opposition party in Albania works against the respect of human rights.

PINK Embassy strongly believes that the SP program should explicitly include the LGBT community on its electoral program and should offer concrete and real solutions to this social group as any other group of Albanian society.

PINK Embassy is ready to offer to the SP or to any other political party for that matter, its collaboration and expertise on identifying and offering solutions to any problems and issues which concern the group it represents.


PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania

Information Office
e-mail: info@pinkembassy.al


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