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Wakes up from coma with different sexual orientation

Chris Brich is a 26-year old rugby player from Wells who had a stroke during practice and fell in coma. After waking from coma Chris woke up different. He speaks for the press “When I woke up I felt different”. His personality and his mannerism was different as his family witness as well.

To Chris was new his attraction to men, and he says “ I had never been attracted to men, I liked women. I did not even have gay friends. But I realized I was gay, and I was OK with it.

Before the accident Chris was a boy working in a bank, went out with girls, played rugby and spent Saturdays drinking with his pals. After the stroke and coma Chris starting a new life, changed his job, did not play rugby anymore, and had romantic relationships with men.

The expert Joe Korner, the director of Communication for Stroke Association Britian says for the press “A stroke is a traumatic experience and life changing. I cannot say about changing one’s sexual orientation, but during the healing the brain can form new connections. We had a case when a boy woke up knowing suddenly how to paint. People can change their accent after a stroke or know other languages. In any case Chris seems to have a positive experience after a stroke, which is the most important thing for a stroke victim.”

Chris says that has no regrets for the accident, that he is happy and very confident of himself.

Source : Mirror

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