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Hueyda el Saied - Ambasadore e t? Drejtave LGBT

Hueyda el Saied - Ambasadore e t? Drejtave LGBT

European Parliament takes stock of LGBT rights in Western Balkans and Turkey

April 22nd, 2013 - Last week the European Parliament adopted five of its annual progress reports for candidate and potential candidate EU countries. MEPs addressed recommendations on LGBT rights to Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

For the first time in this legislature, no political group requested deleting paragraphs dealing with LGBT rights in these resolutions.

In the last report on Croatia before it joins the European Union on 1 July 2013, the Parliament recommended watching over discrimination, acts of intolerance and ensuring freedom of expression for minorities, including LGBT people.

MEPs welcomed positive developments in Montenegro, where the government has increased its work in favor of sexual orientation and gender identity, notably by engaging constructively with NGOs and neighboring countries. Physical and verbal attacks were also deplored.

Regarding Serbia, the European Parliament stressed the importance of combating homophobic speech, threats and physical attacks. MEPs remain particularly concerned by repeated bans on Belgrade Pride, and recommend authorities adopt “an action plan to increase knowledge and understanding of LGBT rights, combat homophobia and improve security”.

Italian LGBT activist visits Albania

From the 15th until March 21st PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania welcomed to Tirana Italian activist Yuri Guaiana in a study trip to our country to share the Italian experience and get to know more closely the Albanian LGBT reality.

The agenda prepared by PINK meant to offer Mr. Guaiana the opportunity to know more closely all aspects of the LGBT movement in Albania and the work that is being done here to improve the situation of the LGBT community. Meanwhile, on the other hand it was aimed for as many groups as possible to learn about the Italian LGBT situation and to build a clear panorama of similarities and differences between the two contexts.

PINK Embassy meets the Mayor of Korç?

19 April 2013 – PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania held a working meeting at the Municipality of Korç?, with its Mayor Mr. Niko Peleshi and representatives from different offices within this institution. Considered at the centre of South-East Albania, and one of the biggest cities in this country, this meeting was the first of its kind which touched the LGBT issue and the role that the local government can play in the advancement of this community’s rights.

The first Ambassador of PINK, Mr. Altin Hazizaj, thanked Mr. Peleshi and his team for the reception and for giving the opportunity to the organization to address the needs and issues of the LGBT community in this region. The PINK team introduced to the Mayor some of the most important initiatives of the community for the local government such as the LGBT Manifest, or other relevant publications and reports concerning the rights of LGBT people. He also specified some of the obligations that local governments have due to the Law for Protection from Discrimination and other campaigns which can be undertaken by the local government in this area.

Rreth Nesh

"Pink Embassy" si program:
Ka nisur të zbatohet në Shqipëri përmes një partneriteti mes organizatave COC Netherland, CRCA dhe LGBT PRO Shqipëri, me mbështetjen financiare të Programit të Transformimit Social (MATRA) të Ministrisë së Jashtme të Hollandës.

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LGBT PRO Albania Beson se:

1 - Të gjithë njerëzit lindin të barabartë në të drejta dhe në dinjitet
2 - Të drejtat e komunitetit LGBT (Lezbike, gej, biseksualë, transgjinore) janë të drejta të njeriut
3 - Çdo individ pavarësisht orientimit seksual apo identitetit gjinor duhet të jetë i barabartë në shanse dhe mundësi për të garantuar cilësinë e jetës. Këto shanse duhet të jenë të njëjtat shanse që shoqëria i ofron kujtdo pjesëtari tjetër të vet.
4 - Homofobia mund të luftohet e mbi të mund të fitohet përmes një pune informuese dhe përmes shembujve positive

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