PINK Embassy launches national campaign “Equality in Marriage”

PINK Embassy and the National Network for the LGBTI rights in Albania, soon to submit legal amendments to the Family Code

Tirana, 18 May 2018 - The PINK Embassy Albania, sent an open public call to the members of the Albanian Parliament and political parties, asking them to approve amendments to the Family Code and eliminate any legal barriers that discriminate against equal marriage for everyone. Some 10 major organizations and national networks that operate in Albania support the statement.                      

Albania continues to violate the rights of the LGBTI people. It still does not allow and does not guarantee the marriage equality for all its citizens. The LGBTI persons cannot enjoy the same rights to cohabitation or marriage as heterosexual couples, despite the fact that the Article 53 of the Albanian Constitution guarantees the same rights for everyone. The Family Code defines the marriages as the union between a man and a woman, discriminating openly against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

It was 8 years ago when PINK Embassy asked for the first time the Albanian Parliament to grant LGBTI persons equality in marriage.  Prejudice, fear, ignorance and religious interference are among the factors that for so long have led to the discrimination in marriage and civil partnerships.

In the next few weeks, PINK Embassy, with the support of the civil society organizations, will submit to the Legal Commission of the Albanian Parliament the legal recommendations for the amendment of the Family Code aiming to eliminate any barriers that keep alive the discrimination, exclusion and state violence against LGBTI individuals.

There are 14 countries In Europe that officially recognise same sex marriages and 12 others recognise civil partnership. Experience in these countries has shown that marriage and the establishment of LGBT families, despite prejudices, have strengthened societies by making them more tolerant, democratic and open to diversity.

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