PINK Embassy now available for smart phone users

15 July 2015 – PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro has launched a few days ago the application for android smart phone users, be them LGBTI or supporters in Albania and everywhere else. The app is available for free and can be found with keywords Ambasada PINK or PINK Embassy on Google play store.

The app which is supported by the Government of Canada aims to be a practical and continuous source of information and support for LGBTI people and supporters everywhere in Albania and abroad.

The app will be updated regularly with the latest on LGBTI issues, events, concepts, publications, services and contacts. Meanwhile within this year it will be also available to IOS users.

Young people in Albania use social media and the internet through their smart phones very frequently. Their networking, information and hobbies are all collected in the phone. For that reason we wanted to make possible for young LGBTI people and supporters but also people of all other age groups to receive more information on services, events and other updates for free and at any time through this app.

PINK Embassy invites all LGBTI people and officials working on this topic to use this app as frequently. Also we invite all people who have recommendations or suggestions for this app to write to us at [email protected]

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