PINK Embassy presents the Monitoring Report of the National Action Plan for LGBTI persons in Albania

On the International Day against Homophobia, PINK Embassy awarded 30 persons for their contribution for the LGBTI rights

Tirana, 17 May 2018 - PINK Embassy announced today the Monitoring Report findings of the National Action Plan for LGBTI people in Albania. This report which is drafted in cooperation with the Albanian Institutions, Ministry of Health and Social Protection brings a picture of the whole situation of LGBTI people in Albania and how the state institutions has acted.

This National Plan of Action for the LGBTI Persons aims to improve the legal and institutional framework, as well as to raise awareness of non-discrimination and protection of LGBTI people's rights in line with the international standards. It also seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination against the LGBTI community and to improve access to employment services, education, health, housing and sports for LGBTI persons, guaranteeing equal opportunities.

Albania has been making progress in these years in politics regarding to the LGBTI community, but it is still far from the required standards. In the UNDP report of 2017, "Being LGBTI in Eastern Europe - Albania" showed that public attitudes toward LGBTI people are still largely inadequate. In Albania 92 percent of respondents stated they would not interact with LGBTI people, 48% of respondents believe that homosexuality is a disease and half of respondents believe that homosexuality is imposed by the West.

Altin Hazizaj, President of PINK Embassy, during the presentation of the findings says: "The Report shows that despite the fact that Albania has taken serious steps forward, there are still some several areas where the government and its institutions need to strengthen a lot their work! Acess to health, violence in schools and access to services remain among the most problematic areas, requiring urgent actions."

During the activity PINK Embassy also announced 30 Persons of the Year. Awards were given to members of the Albanian Parliament, public officials, representatives of local institutions, independent human rights institutions and various Albanian and foreign organizations. The National Awards are given to selected individuals who have been engaged publically in providing support and promoted LGBTI rights in Albania.

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