PINK Embassy receives the ACT Now Champion Award

26 June 2014 – PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania received the ACT Now! Champion Award at a ceremony held by the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana.

A personal initiative of Ambassador Alexander Arvizu, since 2012 the monthly award goes to different individual and group initiatives who are working for the advancement of social, economic or political causes. In the argumentation of the award it reads: “for their grassroots efforts to defend LGBT rights and combat discrimination against the LGBT community”.

In his remarks, Ambassador Arvizu said that the LGBT cause in Albania has seen a great progress thanks to the work of LGBT groups and that the road ahead is still long. He reminded everyone how, even in a country like the US racial discrimination for example, was a norm recognized by law, something unimaginable today. He commended the LGBT activists and congratulated them in their effort reminding them that they are in the rights side of history.

Meanwhile the representative of PINK Embassy, Amarildo Fecanji said that while the advancement of LGBT rights, as a cause with little popularity in Albania demands courage, as much courage is demanded from allies and groups which support LGBT rights. He invited these interest groups to come forward to show their support.

After the ceremony Ambassador Arvizu sat with the activist and discussed some of the pressing issues and concerns of the community in Albania.

The ACT Now award is handed monthly and this was the 17th time. The award was also given to the other LGBT organizations in the country.

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania, its staff and members thank the Embassy of the United States and their continuing support in the long road towards the advancement and protection of LGBT rights in Albania and the world. 

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