About Pink

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania is a non-profit organization which works for the protection and advancement of the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer people in Albania.

Our work started in the mid-2000s with a group of LGBT activists close to CRCA Albania who worked for the first legal advancements regarding LGBT people and crafted the PINK Embassy idea. The first program started with “PINK Embassy” thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with COC Netherland, one of the oldest LGBT organizations in the country. Public activities started off on May 17th 2010 with the program “PINK Embassy – creating opportunities and encouraging the LGBT community in Albania”. Designed within a three year long framework the program made possible the mainstreaming of the LGBT cause in Albania through awareness campaigns and a periodic media communication, to stimulate participation and institutional engagement and strengthen their capacities and create social, creative and emancipatory spaces for the LGBTI community. During this period PINK registered as an organization, created a compact, dedicated and professional team and worked for the coordination of all interest groups at the benefit of the LGBT cause in the country.

Through these efforts and the support of national and international partners, on May 17th 2012, PINK held the “Festival of Diversity”, the first outdoor public event in the country. This has been one of the most decisive moments for the recognition of the LGBT cause in the country.

PINK believes that the advancement of LGBT rights cannot be achieved without the engagement of relevant institutions and the community. For this purpose, during these years the organization has developed cooperation with institutions such as the Albanian Parliament (Kuvendi), the People’s Advocate, Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Municipalities etc. In these endeavours we thank all institutions, organizations and governments which have supported and continue to support the LGBT movement in Albania. Our friends, in these endeavour have been civil society and many organizations working for the rights of women, children, people with disabilities and other minorities.

We have worked and lobbied for different reports such as legal amendments, action plans and measures and have served as a research and information centre for LGBT issues in Albania and abroad and have done our best to create an emancipatory and progressive environment for the recognition of LGBT rights in the country.

PINK Embassy is a member of ILGA Europe and IGLYO and networks such as the Regional Network against Homophobia and Transphobia, BABELNOR etc.

Since 2014 PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro has been working to host the first LGBT Pride in Albania, on May 17th as well as the advancement of LGBT rights with policies at central and local level, strengthening capacities, lobby and advocacy, training programs etc.

Our priorities are:

  • Full implementation of the law for protection from discrimination;
  • Full legal recognition of LGBT people and guaranteeing their full equality with any other Albanian citizen;
  • Emancipation of Albanian legislation in relation to gender recognition;
  • Guaranteeing the right of cohabitation and marriage for LGBTI people;
  • Guaranteeing the right of LGBT people to adopt and create a family;
  • Implementing a national plan of measures from the Albanian government for the advancement of LGBT rights;
  • Create friendly cities for LGBT people (rainbow cities) for the protection and advancement of LGBT rights at the local level;
  • Reforming the education system in Albania for the full integration of LGBT issues, particularly the school curricula to better inform  generations on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • Protecting LGBT children and teenagers from bullying in schools;
  • Protecting LGBT people from hate crimes and create a positive environment from the State Police;
  • Create a positive and accepting environment within Albanian families with LGBT relatives;
  • Guarantee adequate health services for LGBT people and implement adequate medical policies for trans people.

Supporters and Partners