Festival of Diversity 2015


Fifth Festival of Diversity kicks off with the motto “How long can you wait for your rights”

PINK travels across Albania with open lectures and awareness events

On May 4th PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro started the Diversity Month, a national awareness campaign in the framework of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bifobia (IDAHOT). This activity remembers the historical decision of 17 May 1990 when the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.

Diversity Month will take place between May 4th – June 11th, under the motto “How long can you wait for your rights”? This question is directed to Albanian youth in general and LGBTI in particular and puts emphasis on the problems and major challenges faced by LGBTI youth here in Albania and all over the world.

LGBTI youth are often victims of human rights violations. This includes eviction from home, exclusion from social networks, lack of chances and opportunities in terms of professional and human development, bullying and harassment in schools, psychological abuse in social media, verbal and physical attacks from strangers, abuse with drugs, psycho-emotional distress etc. In these 7 years Albanian LGBTI youth have shared with organizations distressing information about serious problems in the family, schools, workplace etc.

It is important that all Albanian society and institutions understand that homophobia and transphobia are not just words without consequences. They have a direct impact on the lives and future of every young woman and man whose sexual orientation and gender identity does not correspond with social expectations.

Keeping in mind the fact that IDAHOT is an academic day, this year PINK Embassy is holding a series of open lectures across different universities of the country while it is still negotiating dates and venues with other schools and universities. We think that proper information of youth on sexual orientation and gender identity and the heavy consequences of discrimination is very important to change mentality and social perceptions.

Activities will be concluded on June 11th with the Second Tirana Pride March.

Please find below the full list of activities:

  • May 5th           Movie  screening and open discussion on LGBTI topic at Café “La Blanche” in Elbasan
  • May 5th           Open lecture at University of New York in Tirana
  • May 6th           Opening of photography exhibition “Taste of Freedom” Elbasan
  • May 8th           Open lecture at Faculty of Education Sciences, University of Shkodër
  • May 9th           Open lecture at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana
  • May 15th         Manifestation in front of the Council of Minister’s building under the motto: “How long can you wait for your rights”?
  • May 18th         Open Lecture at University “Marin Barleti” Tirana
  • May 20th         Open lecture at Faculty of Humanities, University of Vlora
  • May 22nd         Open lecture at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Durrës
  • June 3rd          Working visit in Tirana of European MP and co-president of the LGBTI Intergroup at the European Parliament Mr. Danielle Viotti
  • June 11th        Second Tirana Pride 2015

PINK Embassy wishes to thank the Municipalities of Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Vlorë, Korçë and Shkodër, the People’s Advocate, Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, Ministries of Social Welfare and Youth, Ministry of Education and Sports, University of New York, University Marin Barleti, Embassy of the Netherlands, University of Durrës, Skampa Theatre, Café “La blanche”, University of Shkodër, University of Vlorë and the European Union for their cooperation in holding with success these activities as well as other institutions which will be involved in this process during May and June 2015. 

Supporters and Partners