PINK Embassy launches the national campaign "Safe schools for LGBTI children and youth"

Tirana, May 19, 2023 - PINK Embassy in partnership with CRCA/ECPAT Albania and ALO 116-111 launched today the joint campaign "Safe Schools for LGBTI children and teenagers". The campaign is supported by the Council of Europe and the European Union and aims to promote the establishment of safe spaces and environments in schools and universities, for LGBTI children and youth".

"Despite years of public education policies and institutions guaranteeing on paper inclusive education and safe schools for every child and young person, in reality, several studies show that our public schools are the most unsafe places for LGBTI children and young people" - said Altin Hazizaj, on behalf of PINK Embassy /CRCA Albania.

A survey by the PINK Embassy with the participation of over 600 adolescents attending public high schools and over 200 teachers showed that over 60 percent of teachers in Albania do not report violence against LGBTI youth, while almost 80 percent of LGBTI adolescents said that they don't feel safe in schools."

The National Campaign "Safe Schools for LGBTI Children and Youth" focuses on two main elements. The first one is the development of informative and awareness-raising materials for parents, LGBTI youth and teachers regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, questions related to sexuality and the coming out process. The brochures will contain practical information on where parents, teachers, children, and young people can find more information and support.

While the second element of the campaign is the awareness of young people in universities, such as students and young professionals on LGBTI rights. The campaign has planned to hold information sessions and lectures at several public universities, especially in faculties where young people study to become future teachers, social workers or lawyers, professions that, due to public services, are more in contact with LGBTI persons.


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