PINK Embassy Albania starts the 13th Festival of Diversity


Tirana, 17 May 202 - PINK Embassy Albania started this morning the activities on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, part of the 13th Festival of Diversity for LGBTI Rights in Albania. The Festival is an annual event organised by PINK Embassy and partners: the Human Rights House and CRCA / ECPAT Albania.

Aiming to raise the public awareness on the situation of all those who are LGBTI in Albania, the events will open with PINK Embassy raising the colorful LGBTI flag at the Mother Teresa Square, on 17 May, the day of the opening of the Festival.

During the week of Diversity against Homophobia of Transphobia, PINK Embassy with the support of the Council of Europe, will open for the second year in a row the exhibition on transgender persons. The activities will start from Durres, the largest port-city in Albania, with the opening of the moving exhibition "To Be Transgender in Albania", an initiative of the PINK Embassy that breaks the barriers of prejudice against transgender people in the country. The exhibition will open in other cities, such as Vlora, Korca, Shkodra, Elbasan and Tirana.

The exhibition will stay open to the public for 2-3 days for each city. In the pictures, transgender people are presented in the way they feel - showing how a transgender person wants and dreams of being: in a safe, friendly, respectful and supportive environment. Compared to the reality in which transgender people live in Albania, the exhibition aims to reveal another side of their lives, the difficulties they face in their lives, forced to live hidden and being all the time in terms of survival.

On 20 May, PINK in cooperation with the National Platform ISIGURT.AL and CRCA / ECPAT Albania will present the National Internet Platform "Report Crimes and Hate Speech".

The week of the 13th Festival of Diversity in Albania closes on 21 May with the Tirana Pride , which for the first time brings together all LGBTI organizations to march along the main boulevard in Tirana.


Below, you can find the calendar of main activities of PINK Embassy:



13th Festival of Diversity for LGBTI Rights in Albania




May 17 -  09.00                Raise the Flag – yearly event (Tirana Mother Theresa Square: Kolonat)  

May 17 – 11.00                Being Trans in Albania Exhibition: Durrës, Elbasan, Tirana, Vlora, Shkodër and Korça – will be shown in 6 major municipalities of Albania, starting from Tirana during May, following its huge success during the previous year to raise awareness on transgender rights in Albania. 

May 20 – 11.00               Presentation of the Online National Platform “Report Hate crimes and Hate Speech” - a joint event with National Hotline ISIGURT.AL and CRCA/ECPAT Albania

May 21– 11.00                 TIRANA LGBTI PRIDE – this year all the LGBTI organisations have agreed to come together to organize the pride march. 




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