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Prejudices and Facts about LGB peopl

20 February 2012

This table depicts some of the most common prejudices against lesbian, gay and bisexual people and through it you will be able to learn some of the arguments and responses to them.

For more information read the below

Table for facts and prejudices of LGBT people 


“LGBT Shelter” ready for the community

 16 January 2011



16 January 2012 – Under the name “Rainbow Shelter”, the First Emergency Center for the LGBT community in Albania is now ready. The project, made possible by the collaboration of PINK Embassy with Planet Romeo Foundation, enables the LGBT community shelter and protection at their most difficult and extreme moments in life, especially during the coming out process.

The pictures from the Shelter, whose location will not be made public for safety reasons, shows a warm family environment. The hard research to find the most suitable location and environment for the LGBT community has finally paid off. The “Rainbow Shelter” will be open only for individuals older that 18 years and for those younger, accommodation will be available in shelters for children and teenagers.


PINK Ekspo-Koha për tu shprehur 26-30 Dhjetor 2011



Dear friends, dear PINK Youth Group, dear supporters of the LGBT community.

The end of year celebrations are near and we are about to close another set of 12 successful, full of activities months. With that in mind we would like to invite you to a very special exhibition, whose protagonists you be you.

Judging by how things should work in a community which protects the values of liberty of expression, thoughts and choice we are here to invite you to send any of your creations that have to do with your life, with the LGBT community or just a message that you want to share with the other people. You do not need to be artists to join this exhibition, all that matters is that you want to share something nice with us

PINK Embassy holds a round table discussion on LBT community violence in Albania

7 December 2011

In regard of the 16 Days of Activism, PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albania organized an Open Discussion in the Faculty of Social Science with around 80 students that are master level, majoring in Sociology and Social Work.

In this event were presents representatives from Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Equal Opportunities, from the Commissioner of Antidiscrimination, from the Municipality of Tirana and the Head of Office of Council of Europe Mr. Marco Leidekker.

The discussion was moderated from Mrs. Bruna Dervishi representative of the Ministry of Labor, Social Services and Equal Opportunities, the lecturer Merita Poni and the Communication Assistant of PINK Embassy. The discussion was opened by a presentation of the violence against women in the country, that it transformed in a phenomena of domestic violence and the steps that the Ministry has taken to prevent this occurrence. In this regard, the shadow report of 2010 of Albania to CEDAW was shortly presented. The report was prepared by a group of NGOs from Albania, where Pink Embassy shared the insights on the gender violence toward the community of Lesbian, Bisexual women and Transgender women.

Wakes up from coma with different sexual orientation

Chris Brich is a 26-year old rugby player from Wells who had a stroke during practice and fell in coma. After waking from coma Chris woke up different. He speaks for the press “When I woke up I felt different”. His personality and his mannerism was different as his family witness as well.

To Chris was new his attraction to men, and he says “ I had never been attracted to men, I liked women. I did not even have gay friends. But I realized I was gay, and I was OK with it.

Before the accident Chris was a boy working in a bank, went out with girls, played rugby and spent Saturdays drinking with his pals. After the stroke and coma Chris starting a new life, changed his job, did not play rugby anymore, and had romantic relationships with men.

Rreth Nesh

"Pink Embassy" si program:
Ka nisur të zbatohet në Shqipëri përmes një partneriteti mes organizatave COC Netherland, CRCA dhe LGBT PRO Shqipëri, me mbështetjen financiare të Programit të Transformimit Social (MATRA) të Ministrisë së Jashtme të Hollandës.

Lexo me shume

LGBT PRO Albania Beson se:

1 - Të gjithë njerëzit lindin të barabartë në të drejta dhe në dinjitet
2 - Të drejtat e komunitetit LGBT (Lezbike, gej, biseksualë, transgjinore) janë të drejta të njeriut
3 - Çdo individ pavarësisht orientimit seksual apo identitetit gjinor duhet të jetë i barabartë në shanse dhe mundësi për të garantuar cilësinë e jetës. Këto shanse duhet të jenë të njëjtat shanse që shoqëria i ofron kujtdo pjesëtari tjetër të vet.
4 - Homofobia mund të luftohet e mbi të mund të fitohet përmes një pune informuese dhe përmes shembujve positive

Lexo me shume

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