PINK Embassy submits to the Albanian Parliament draft-law “On the Recognition of Gender Identity"

It is the first time that a draft-law aims to bring Albanian legislation in line with best models across the world on gender expression and identity

Tirana, 16 May 2018 - PINK Embassy submitted and asked today the Albanian Parliament to approve the draft-law on “Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Albania”, on the occasion of the 9th Festival of Diversity, a yearly event in support of the LGBTI Rights in Albania. This draft-law aims to ensure effective protection and treatment without discrimination of anyone gender identity. It provides the right to change the gender mark in any official document.

The draft-law sets out the basic rules for gender identity recognition and changes that need to be reflected in the birth certificate and other official documents related to the sex and gender. The fundamental principle of this law is based on equality and non-discrimination as well as on other principles sanctioned by the Albanian Constitution and by all other international acts ratified by the Republic of Albania.

The draft-law also introduces procedures for recognizing gender identity. This procedure is based on the free will and the request of the person, who is personally required to ask the civil register office and change his /her identity, with the exception of children and minors.

Every person is registered at birth with his/her basic data, which includes also gender mark. Our legislation recognizes only two genders: male and female and does not provide any opportunity to change the gender mark. This draft-law in fact gives the opportunity to all persons not only to identify their gender but also to express it.

The draft-law was proposed for the first time some 5 years ago, but none of the Governments so far took the law to the Albanian Parliament for approval. In 2018, the PINK Embassy revised the draft-law making the necessary changes to include also gender expression. The draft-law on "Gender Identity recognition in Albania" was prepared by some of the best legal experts in the country.

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