1st ever LGBT Pride held in Albania

17 May 2014 – This International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia was historic for Albania and LGBT people. The country was today testimony to the first pride march, with activists and supporters who walked with the gigantic peace flag in the heart of Tirana.

Despite the heavy rain, the sound of drums, whistles and the big flag gave special emotions to all participants.

The Diversity Week, organized by PINK Embassy, Human Rights House in Albania and Open Mind Spectrum Albania, was full of cultural and social events which had as main objective raising awareness on this topic. Everything culminated with the participation of many people at the first pride march in the capital.

“Say yes to love” was the main slogan of this Pride. Involved in the noisy, emotional and long human rights debate, many people forget, that the fight for equality is not only to guarantee the rights of people to affirm their orientation and identity but to express it through the most sacred of human feelings, which united us all: love.

At the Diversity Fair, as well as at the other activities taking place today in the city many people ignored the heavy rain, the resting hours of the weekend and joined us to support the right to love and be accepted.

PINK Embassy, HRHA and OMSA thank all the people who participated at the first Pride in the country, all the institutions, organizations and citizens as well as the Police officers and journalists who attended our events closely.

Today we said Yes to love, to a love that still mane people cannot dare say its name. But, that love has always been, still is and will always be there, even on a rainy day.


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