CRCA and PINK Embassy ask the Albanian Parliament to approve their proposed changes on the law “On Civil Registration”

Civil registration and documents in Albania should respect basic human rights related to sex and gender recognition

Tirana, 27 September 2018 – The Child Rights Centre in Albania (CRCA) and PINK Embassy asked the Albanian Parliament and the Parliamentary Group “Friends of Children” to approve changes on the law “On Civil Registration”. The changes aim to provide recognition and protection of basic human rights such as registration of sex and gender on the official documents of Albanian citizens.

According to the Albanian legislation, the current documents recognize only binary gender (male / female), and do not provide the opportunity to citizens to change their gender based on their choice. Meanwhile the legislation does not recognise sex at birth, equalising sex and gender all in one. What PINK Embassy and CRCA propose is to provide every individual the ability to choose their own gender, while sex shall be registered since birth and every person shall be able to change it.  

The changes that were required today from the Albanian Parliament are necessary for the establishment of basic rules regarding the identification of sex and gender - two crucial concepts of an individual’s identity that ought to be present in the birth certificate and other official documentations. The recommendations proposed are also related to the procedures of recognizing gender identity.

The proposed changes in the law are based upon the fundamental principles of equality and non-discrimination sanctioned by the Constitution of Albania and by other international acts that are ratified by the Republic of Albania. For the first time, through this law, the Albanian legislation can approach the basic international human rights standards for the recognition of gender identity.

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