LGBTI Community in Albania promote the Manifesto for political parties in the parliamentary elections 2017

The Manifesto for LGBTI Rights is presented to the political parties and candidates for deputies in the parliamentary elections 2017. The parties promise more Laws and supportive Policy for the community.

Tirana, June 21 2016 - Only 4 days before the parliamentary elections in Albania, PINK Embassy announce that it has been able to get the support of almost all political parties for more new laws and new supportive policy for LGBTI community in Albania.

PINK Embassy, one of the leading organizations working to protect and advance the LGBTI community rights in Albania, in the framework of the parliamentary elections and in consultation with youth from LGBTI community, drafted the Manifesto for LGBTI Rights. The Manifesto is a political and strategic document that contains the key requirements and priorities for the LGBTI community in Albania.

On June 25th 2017, Albania holds its next parliamentary elections. Although political parties are generally avoided by negative messages or attitudes towards the LGBTI community, on the other hand none of them has publicly expressed support for the rights of LGBTI people. Given this common position of political parties in the elections, PINK Embassy encouraged the establishment of a dialogue between the LGBTI community and political parties in the elections so that the next Assembly would be informed but also supportive of the LGBTI community in the country.

In this framework, during May-June 2017, representatives of PINK Embassy and the youth group "Friends of Diversity” have realized more than 20 meetings with deputies and representatives of the political parties taking part in the elections. Through these constructive meetings, in the left as well in the right spectrum, the Manifesto for LGBTI Rights has been presented and submitted, we have received support for the LGBTI cause and the support of political parties for inclusion of these points in their governing programs. In the meetings was highlighted by the political parties that this dialogue with PINK Embassy will continue after the June 25th elections.

The main purpose of the meetings with the political parties in the country is to enable the LGBTI community, through this Manifesto, to have its voice in the next parliament, where together with the political parties, along with the inclusion of the items contained in the Manifesto, will work on the realization of two main priorities addressed by the community:

  1. Approval of the law on recognition of gender identity;
  2. Legal recognition of civil cohabitation;

Meanwhile, the priorities on which our cooperation with the Assembly and parliamentary political parties will be built over the next four years, are:


Violence and lack of security is present in the life of every LGBTI person, studies and observations show that the community feels vulnerable and deprived of the rights that as citizens in this country should enjoy by law.



The youth from LGBTI community faces a series of difficulties during their education, such as safety in schools, relations between peers and teachers, academic assessment, and poor quality psycho-social service in schools.



Discrimination and prejudice remain one of the main problems faced by the community in the family, school, society, workplace, etc.



LGBTI people face a lack in obtaining social services. Social services for the community affect the quality of life and wellbeing.



One of the biggest problems for the LGBTI community is housing that affects people who are expelled from the family after the coming out process, and especially the transgender community.



38% of young people in our country are unemployed and this level of unemployment affects the LGBTI community, particularly the transgender community who is totally excluded from employment opportunities. Unemployment is an essential problem affecting the social welfare of the LGBTI community. The employment of the community strengthens their wellbeing and their families.

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