PINK Embassy and CRCA Albania submit their proposals to the Parliament on the Law on Protection from Discrimination


Tirana, 15 May 2020 - The Pink Embassy and CRCA/ECPAT Albania submitted today to the Albanian Parliament their proposals for amendments to the Law on Protection from Discrimination. This law is of special importance to both organizations, as they have been the proposing and supporting organisations for its adoption in early 2010.

The experts of both organisations, in their proposals for amendments to the law, bring to the attention of the Parliament, the need to address some of the major concerns faced by children and youth in Albania, as well as LGBTI persons, such as hate speech, sexual harassment, segregation etc.

An important issue which both organizations have emphasized is the need to establish a mechanism for reporting complaints of discrimination, by teachers and students alike, in educational institutions. According to the proposed changes such mechanism should be “safe, operating on clear ethical rules and protecting the privacy of the complainant,” until the final settlement of the complaint. Changes have also been requested on the measures that the education system must take to inform and train the entire pedagogical staff at all levels of pre-university education.

An essential change proposed by both organizations has to do with sanctions and fines imposed on individuals or companies that commit discrimination. In the version of the law of year 2010, the fine imposed on a subject was transferred entirely to the state budget, while in the new version PINK Embassy and CRCA Albania have recommended that, based on the experience of other countries, half of the fine when collected be given to the victim, for retribution to the damage caused, while the other half shall be given to the office of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, to cover administrative costs.

The Law on Protection from Discrimination aims to ensure effective protection against discrimination from anyone and in any form, including hate speech.


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