"Being transgender in Albania", travels from Durrës to Elbasan

As part of the 13th Diversity Festival Week and International Day Against Homophobia, Lesbophobia ,. Bifobia and Transphobia, PINK Embassy with the support of the Council of Europe, have opened the Mobile Exhibition, which will be displayed in some of the main cities in Albania.

The exhibition was officially opened in the city of Durrës, on May 17, which coincided with the International Day Against Homophobia, where for two days it provided awareness messages about the situation and human rights of transgender people. After Durrës, the exhibition traveled to Elbasan city on May 18-19. On May 20, the exhibition returns to Tirana, as part of the discussions that will be held during the presentation of the National Platform for Reporting Crimes and Hate Speech in Albania.

Transgender people remain among the most discriminated communities in the country. Albania does not recognize and does not offer gender reassignment for transgender people, so most of them live a double life between the gender they have and what is known to you in official documents. The PINK Embassy is working to change this reality, including the opening of this exhibition.

The exhibition was conceived and opened for the first time during 2021, with the extraordinary contribution of Luana, Lola, Amelia and Denisa.

The exhibition "BEING TRANSGENDER IN ALBANIA" was held in the premises of the most notorious prison of former communism in Albania, that of Spaç. At least 2,000 people were imprisoned in this gulag for political reasons, most of them prisoners because they had spoken openly and fearlessly against the communist regime. The photos were taken by the well-known Albanian photographer, Gent Shkullaku.

The opening of the mobile exhibition is supported by the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit of the Council of Europe. She will travel to 6 cities in Albania.


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