Exhibition "Being Transgender in Albania" breaks taboos on gender identity

PINK Embassy Albania with the support of the Council of Europe, opens the first photo exhibition of transgender people


Tirana, 21 May 2021 - Transgender people in Albania broke down barriers and for the first time dared to bring their reality through a photo exhibition, the first of its kind. Unaccepted by society, often forgotten, violated or hated, this time they raised their voices, this time through art.

The photo exhibition "Being Transgender in Albania", which opened yesterday evening in Tirana, in the presence of friends, colleagues and of the transgender community, is organized by PINK Embassy for the first time in Albania.

The exhibition is based on the valuable contribution of four transgender persons from Albania, who agreed to being its central figures. Luana, Lola, Amelia and Denisa, joined the PINK Embassy initiative to hold the first trans exhibition, using as a background one of the most significant places in Albania, the notorious former prison for political prisoners during the communist period, Spaç.

The story of the prison, in which for political reasons, at least 2000 people were deprived of their liberty and for some including their lives because they were not afraid to tell the truth, came in synergy with the concept of the exhibition itself.

"To be transgender in Albania is to be a prisoner of conscience!" - said at the opening of the Exhibition Altin Hazizaj, creator of the exhibition and at the same time President of the PINK Embassy. "Transgender people want to be free and proud of their identity."

"The future of the transgender community is a difficult challenge. It is true that positive steps have been taken, but we still have a lot of work to do to take our cause forward” - said Luana, one of four trans people who contributed to the exhibition.

The concept of the photo exhibition, brought in life by the well-known photographer Gent Shkullaku, puts at its centre transgender people dressed according to their wishes inside the premises of the former Spaç prison. The selected costumes ranged from the very personal to military and national costumes of Albania.

The photo exhibition opened at the ZETA Gallery, in the centre of Tirana, will remain open from 20-24 May 2021. The exhibition is supported by the Council of Europe's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit.


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