PINK Embassy: Government should establish Office of thye National Coordinator for LGBTI Rights in Albania

  During the discussions of the National Action Plan of the Strategy for the Protection of LGBTI Persons of the Albanian Government, the PINK Embassy presented a series of requests for its serious improvement


Tirana, 17 July 2021 - PINK Embassy, the main organization for LGBTI rights in Albania, since the beginning of this year has joined the efforts to contribute to the process of reviewing the National Strategy and Action Plan of the Albanian Government in support of LGBTI persons.

At the most recent meeting of the working group for the preparation of the Strategy, the PINK Embassy asked the Government and its ministries stronger improvements of the content of the Strategy for the Protection and Support of LGBTI Persons in Albania 2021-2030, as in the current state this document fails to protect the rights of LGBTI persons affected by discrimination, violence and hate crimes.

The Draft-Strategy contains all the main directions for which the local and central government in Albania should work to build a society that works for equality and justice, as necessary conditions for sustainable social, economic and political development.

The strategy, according to the best experts of the PINK Embassy, should encourage the establishment of a coordination and accountability mechanism, which would enable the control of the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) by both line ministries and municipalities. Meanwhile, the PINK Embassy has requested the establishment of the Office of the National Coordinator for LGBTI Rights in Albania, to monitor and promote the implementation of the Strategy but also the attention that the Albanian Government should show to LGBTI persons in the country.

Another point on which the PINK Embassy emphases is the establishment of the Emergency Fund for cases of violence and gate crimes against LGBTI persons, an instrument to financially support all victims of violence due to sexual orientation and gender identity. Finally, the establishment of the mechanism for protection with violence, bullying and discrimination in schools due to sexual orientation and gender identity is of paramount importance.

According to a series of reports, 1 in 3 LGBTI people in Albania are victims of domestic violence. Open discrimination, social exclusion, hate speech and crimes remain some of the main problems faced by LGBTI people. The LGBTI community in Albania continuous to suffer the consequences of lack of acceptance, prejudice, discrimination and violence.


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